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PM Vent is an engineering company specialized in the development of indoor climate systems for various projects. The company started operating in 1998, and since its inception has been a technical representative of Swegon Group AB, Sweden.

We supply ventilation equipment, as well as act in the capacity of an independent integrator of energy-efficient technical solutions. Since its foundation, our company has implemented over 5,000 projects in various parts of Russia. Today PM Vent every year implements scores of ventilation systems in various purpose buildings.

The list of our customers includes design and architecture bureaus, general contractors, ventilation contractors, construction project investors, owners of hotels, business centres, factories, and shopping and entertainment centres.

Our key focus is on an integrated approach: we keep supporting our customers throughout project implementation, and offer tailor-made energy-efficient technical solutions, thus enabling our customers to use a quality, flexible, multipurpose ventilation system.

  • since 1998;
  • over 5,000 projects implemented across Russia;
  • at least 100 ventilations systems installed every year;
  • 400 to 120,000 m³/h — this is the output range of ventilation systems that we have been supplying.

What we offer to our customers

Supply of equipment

The quality of equipment, accessories, and consumables predetermines how soon the system will be made operational, and how long its service life will be. We offer products of Swegon Group AB (Sweden), as well as equipment and accessories of other leading European manufacturers, and we also supply VSM® optimised climate systems developed by ourselves.

The equipment is supplied to the projects as a package following a detailed checking, which facilitates the work of installation and instrumentation specialists, and helps minimize the time required for equipment installation and system connections, thus ensuring that the project will be completed by the scheduled deadline. 


Automation is an integral part of engineering support provided to a modern building. That is why our company performs a complete set of works involving the designing, assembling, and implementation of automation systems.

We provide consulting and assistance in the preparation of  documentation on ventilation automation and building heating,  as well as carry out installation work, testing and packaged supply of automation equipment to the project site.

We have our own assembling facility to manufacture automatic control boards that control the operation of all engineering devices and electrical appliances. To enable the customer to use the required operating modes, we develop unique algorithms, as well as integrate our proprietary  system into the Building Management System (BMS).

Before shipment, the control systems undergo comprehensive multi-step testing in the assembling area to be then are delivered to the customer ready for operation. Our specialists program PLCs for control systems, as well as take part in commissioning on the project site.


It takes profound expertise in designing to ensure that the commissioned system meets the customer’s objectives in the best way possible and is flexible enough to be adjusted in the future (e.g. if the space is to be used for a different purpose). We have an extensive experience in developing technical solutions for various type buildings. In many cases we use solutions based on Swegon Solutions that offer an off-the-shelf set of standard equipment package so all we have to do is to determine the configuration and adapt the system to the customer’s needs.  

To develop an appropriate unit configuration we use equipment manufacturers’ selection programmes that help us make quick calculations and simulate system’s integration into  the structure of the building. To check the selected solution a detailed energy calculation is conducted. We elaborate the layout of system devices and small components, assess the indoor air mechanics and flow rate, comparing them against the relevant regulatory and technical documentation.

The service is provided free of charge as part of ventilation system supply.

Consulting services

All the projects are unique and have specific features to be taken into account. We deal with projects under construction, as well as conduct  audits of existing systems. Before design work starts, we always review and evaluate the documentation. The results of such evaluation allow to determine which solution to select, and which option is the most appropriate one. Upon evaluation, we issue a detailed report with professional recommendations.

If the key purpose is cutting the electricity costs, we identify an energy-efficient solution providing for low energy consumption and energy recovery. If it is required to save space we propose a layout, in which the equipment will not require any floor area. And for rooms where aesthetics is important, we will select optimal air diffusers and climatic modules of an ergonomic design.

Over the years of our company’s operation, we have developed and implemented more than 5,000 various projects that differ by complexity, scope and costs and use equipment of different types and performance level. Each time we offer the most appropriate customized solution taking into account the specific features of the particular project.

Advantages of our ventilation systems

Savings in the construction of buildings

The calculations made at the design stage help identify the most cost-effective solution, e.g. orient the building in the cardinal directions in the best way possible, correctly select the enclosing structures and materials.

Operating benefits and environmental friendliness

Properly selected ventilation and air conditioning systems allow to generate significant energy savings during operation.

Low noise and vibration level

A comfortable environment is maintained even in the areas adjacent to ventilation chambers, and in certain cases ventilation units can even be installed in work zones.

Maintaining a comfortable climate

Low air motion and maintenance of the preset temperature ensure a good indoor climate.

A smart indoor climate system

The sensors read the CO2 temperature and level every second, transmit the data to the computer, and the system analyses the data and adjusts air supply on demand.

The most economic option is to think about ventilation equipment design and installation well in advance. When the building only exists on paper, the designer can select the best option at its discretion, which helps save money and reduce future operating expenses.

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