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VSM®, a versatile software and hardware automation package

Since 2009, PM Vent  has been developing the VSM® (Versatile System Management) software and hardware package intended for managing utility systems.

Being a product of the digitalized experience of our company’s specialists, the VSM® package is based on our long-standing practical work aimed at substituting for foreign-made systems while ensuring conformity with the best international practices.

Today VSM® is used for monitoring and managing the following utility systems:

  • ventilation and air conditioning;
  • cold supply systems, pump stations, and refrigeration centres;
  • water supply and sewage;
  • heat supplies (CHP plants, domestic heating plants, boiler houses etc.);
  • lighting systems;
  • power supply.

The evolution of the VSM* system results in the expansion of its application range. 



Composition of the VSM® automation system 


Advantages of the VSM® automation system:

  • Made in Russia: independence from the availability of imported licenses and software;
  • Energy efficiency: streamlined equipment operation allowing to reduce energy consumption;
  • Safety and security: control of system performance indicators using on-going monitoring;
  • Simple to install for the end user: plug-and-play technology (buy, connect and use);
  • Convenience: intuitive user interface;
  • Quality guarantee: long-standing experience in implementation and operation;
  • Security of investments: interchangeable control and measuring instruments, no additional programming required for the software;
  • Flexibility: a single platform for connecting the equipment and solving various problems;
  • Enhancement: continuous improvements aimed at expanding system functionalities.

Today hundreds of VSM® automation systems are set up and made operational across Russia, including High North areas. We have successfully implemented the VSM® system on the sites of Surgutneftegas PJSC, Sibur Holding PJSC, RZD JSC, Gazprom PJSC, Gazprombank, ANPP Temp Avia JSC, ROSATOM State Atomic Energy Corporation, and RFNC-VNIIEF All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Physics.

Our specialists keep working towards expanding the line of domestically manufactured products. Already now, we are prepared to offer an alternative to the equipment banned due to the sanctions: ventilation and refrigeration units, controllers, and shortly we are planning to come up with sensors, dampers and other components for automation systems.

Controllers, computers and software products that can be substituted by the VSM® automation system

The VSM® package is capable of solving all sorts of automation problems and substituting for industrial computers, controllers and software products in automatic control systems such as: 


Simatic S7-1200
Desigo RX
Desigo PX
Siemens Germany  
Regin Sweden
EY3600 ecos
Sauter Switzerland
Schneider Electric France
Carel pCO
Carel Italy


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SCOM VSM® Automation Management System

Since 2019, our company has been developing and supplying SCOM VSM® (System of Control, Optimization and Monitoring), a software package for automated utility management systems  of both single and multiple buildings.

SCOM VSM® manages various building automation systems such as ventilation, cold supply, heating, lighting and other systems.

This universal system is intended for a broad spectrum of applications in various sectors: housing and utilities, agriculture, industrial production, domestic uses etc.


Advantages of SCOM VSM®:

  • Developed in Russia: independence from the availability of imported licenses and software;
  • Energy efficiency: streamlined equipment operation based on energy monitoring data and environmental parameters;
  • Security: timely notification about emergencies to ensure prompt response from the maintenance service;
  • Simple to install for the end user: buy and use (plug-and-play technology);
  • Comfort: intuitive user interface with an option to build in a virtual interactive tour of the site;
  • Scalability: system expansion without changing the existing structure;
  • Multitasking and flexibility: ample functionalities for applications in various areas;
  • Centralized control: pooling of several sites into a system with a unified maintenance service.

SCADA*systems that can be substituted for with SCOM VSM®

InTouch Wonderware USA  
Genesis Iconics
Sitex Jade Software England
IGSS Seven Technologies Denmark
WinCC Siemens Germany
Desigo Insight


*SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)  is a software package intended for developing or ensuring real-time operation of systems for acquisition, processing, display and archiving data on the site being monitored or managed.


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Workflow of SCOM VSM®

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