Swegon Group AB  is owned by Investment AB Latour, a major European holding company.  Swegon is a leading European manufacturer of equipment for comfortable indoor environment. In addition to equipment, the company offers end-to-end solutions for ventilation, heating and cooling, as well as related services and expert technical support.

The company was founded in 2005 through a merger of some of Sweden’s major manufacturers of ventilation equipment. The core of the group was PM-Luft AB, a company well known as a manufacturer of ventilation units since 1952, which was later joined by

other manufacturers such as Farex, Stifab, ILTO, Luftmiljö, BlueBox, P. Lemmens, Vibro Acoustics. 

Since its very inception, the underlying business idea of PM-Luft AB has been energy saving, and to the present day, Swegon is a leading manufacturer of high-quality energy saving equipment.

Today plants supplied by Swegon  operate in Sweden. Finland, Italy, India, North America, Germany, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. The group’s head office is located in Gothenburg, with offices opened in over 40 countries. 

The company employs more than 2,600 people worldwide, and in 2020 it had a turnover of approx. 600 million euros.  

Indoor climate equipment offered by Swegon has won customers’ trust in many countries throughout the world owing to its quality and well-designed engineering solutions. Today the company manufactures over 100 items of ventilation units and accessories under its own patents. The companies R&D centres keep working towards developing new equipment on a regular basis.

Benefits of Swegon equipment

End-to-end solutions for various types of buildings

Swegon develops and successfully implements end-to-end engineering solutions based on high quality equipment easily adaptable for various types of buildings, and taking into account their specific features. Today energy-efficient solutions are widely used for industrial facilities, administrative buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, shopping centres, and office properties.

Energy and cost efficiency

The heat recovery efficiency of Swegon ventilation plants is 85 percent, which is the highest performance indicator in the industry.

Energy efficiency is the key focus for Swegon. Ventilation units manufactured by Swegon feature a compact size and low noise level. Swegon equipment helps reduce the amount of investment due to reduced consumption of grid power.

Demand controlled ventilation

Swegon offers innovative smart products capable of communicating with each other and integrating into efficient end-to-end highly intelligent climate systems controlled by demand.  

Demand controlled ventilation ensures both top level comfort and high energy performance.

Similar to a proximity sensor that turns on electricity in the room, demand controlled ventilation supplies an adequate quantity of air and adjusts its temperature.  

Assured quality

The manufacturer guarantees its products quality: unit cases are made of aluzinc almost free of corrosion, and heavy-duty heat exchangers ensure icing-free operation even in the High North areas. All Swegon products are subject to both in-process and ex-works validation and testing at all times.

The quality is guaranteed by the certificate granted by Eurovent, Europe’s leading certification body for indoor climate and cooling equipment. The certificate confirms that the equipment meets the claimed performance specifications and the company enjoys the trust of industry experts.  

PM Vent is a technical representative of Swegon in Russia. Based on high-quality Swedish-made equipment and smart solutions, we create energy-efficient, flexible and universal systems that ensure significant electricity savings and can be used by our clients for many years.


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