Assessment of a ventilation system design

A modern ventilation system accounts for a significant share of investment in construction, as well as maintenance costs of buildings and rooms. It is essential that the selected system’s quality-to-price ratio is as good as practicable, and not less important is that the system is advanced and its maintenance cost are as low as possible.

PM Vent specialists are willing to offer a review of project’s technical solutions in the field of ventilation and air conditioning to our customers. We will conduct a review of any project offered  to you by other suppliers or design and installation providers, or outdated equipment running at a facility. We are based on many years of experience in the implementation of energy-saving solutions using the equipment supplied by  Swegon and PM Vent’s proprietary solutions.  

The purpose of design review is to identify the weaknesses of the design that you have chosen and try to select a more efficacious and cost-effective solution if necessary. The weaknesses may consist sometimes in high energy consumption or, in other cases, in excessively large dimensions of the equipment, high noise level, etc.

Competent assessment of documentation and free consultancy services regarding your project.

A design assessment includes

  • checking design calculations;
  • making express calculations;
  • selecting the equipment;
  • determining the building heat balance;
  • CDF-modelling of some of the rooms.

The time required to prepare an expert assessment is on the average 4 to 10 working days. You will receive a design evaluation report with an explanatory note and feasibility study of the alternative solutions proposed by us.  

You can turn to us for an assessment of your ventilation project at any project stage: from the civil works stage to the project implementation stage (as-built documentation).



Conceptual design

  • Selection of ventilation and air conditioning solutions;
  • Aggregate design;
  • Project feasibility study.

Design development phase

  • Calculation of heat gains taking into account the walls’ thermal storage capacity;
  • Air flow calculation by room and system;
  • Selection of ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • Selection of equipment;
  • Explanatory note;
  • Circuit diagrams.

Contract documents phase

  • Detailed drawings;
  • Specification of the equipment, air ducts and shaped parts;
  • Block diagrams;
  • BMS design of system engineering.

What is required to conduct a design review?

  • general information about the project, including architectural drawings, plans, and cross sections;
  • information on the process engineering for production areas;
  • information on the capacity allocated for connections.

We will help you choose the right energy-saving solution that will eventually reduce your project’s construction and operating costs. In addition to a written report, our specialists will provide you with an in-person consultation over phone, in our office, or right on your project’s site. 


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