To our customers

Each one of our customers is involved, in their own way, in the selection of a ventilation system. Some customers make decisions themselves, other customers are only interested in project development and subsequent presentation, and still others look for equipment to match the existing solution.

We have something to offer to every partner. To learn more about our offers, choose the category relevant for your company.

To ultimate customers

Today a quality ventilation system is essential for any modern building. The extent to which it is efficient and comfortable  predetermines your investment payback period, demand for space, size of rental fees and utility bills, as well as the potential for leasing the building to diverse businesses.

To general contractors

Compliance with all the rules and regulations, timely completion of the project while meeting the requirements of the architectural design and utility system design are vital for general contractors engaging in construction projects. It is essential that all the services and entities work in a coordinated manner, meet the requirements of the terms of reference and comply with the time schedule, and do not exceed the approved project budget. 

To designers

We aim at long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with design offices and ensure a high level of collaboration and complete consultative support of the project throughout its implementation based on the professional engineering expertise of PM Vent specialists, as well as many years of experience in developing high-quality indoor climate systems. 

To architects’ bureaus

PM Vent has a long-time experience in cooperating both with state-owned design institutions  and private architects’ and designers’ bureaus. Every building has distinct construction features and design solutions. It is important that engineers and architects start working in close collaboration from the earliest stages of design work because a quality project implementation and subsequent operation of building’s engineering systems depend precisely of such collaboration.

To installation contractors

Swegon’s equipment based on which we have implemented many of our projects, ensures convenient and simple installation due to the use of end-to-end engineering solutions that are tailor-made for particular spaces. The equipment units are easy to install even in hard-to-access places thanks to their ergonomics and a wide variety of connection options.

We offer high-quality ventilation units, as well as develop and implement energy-efficient technical solutions

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