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We engage in providing civil and industrial buildings with indoor climate systems such as air handling units, refrigeration equipment, air diffusers, climate modules and automatic control boards. The use of end-to-end technical solutions for each project enables us to select an optimal system meeting the  specific requirements of the customer.

We support our customers at all stages of project implementation, from preliminary calculations up to the startup. Based on the evaluation of the project, and taking into account the purpose and specifics  of the building, we develop design documentation, make calculations and select the equipment, supply the equipment to the project, and carry out commissioning.

Subsequently, as the equipment is made operational, PM Vent specialists are ready to provide technical support and consultancies on system adjustment and operation.

Our trained specialists provide our clients with warranty and post-warranty servicing of the equipment supplied by us making available all the necessary technical documentation, and we also regularly conduct workshops and conferences with the participation of both Russian and foreign specialists. 

Services of the Design Department

Technical support at all stages of project implementation

  • Evaluating project input data;
  • Suggesting an energy-saving technical solution;
  • Selecting equipment from certified programmes;
  • Submitting technical specifications.

Development of design and detailed documentation for the below sections:

  • Ventilation systems;
  • Air conditioning systems;
  • Cold supply systems and refrigeration centres;
  • Smoke removal systems;
  • Heating systems.

Designer supervision and documentation support for regulatory assessment review

  • Clarifications and answers to regulatory queries;
  • Evaluation and review of heating, ventilation and air conditioning designs of other design offices with a view to assessing their quality in terms of energy performance.

Training workshops for designers

  • Overview of Swegon ventilation equipment by product group;
  • Overview of 3D modelling functionalities of the MagiCad software;
  • Hands-on training in using the software.

Services of the Automated Control Systems Department

Preparation of quotations

  • Making calculations and preparing quotations for the supply of automated control and central management systems for HVAC equipment.

Design work

  • Assisting customers in the preparation of terms of reference or developing terms of reference for designing automated control system for HVAC equipment;
  • Developing a complete package of detailed documentation for the section on automatic control of heating and ventilation;
  • Consulting third party design offices for developing the section on automatic control of heating and ventilation;
  • Developing circuit diagrams for domestically assembled complete Silver C ventilation units that we supply;
  • Developing circuit diagrams for control boards supplied with HVAC equipment.

Software engineering

  • Developing applications for freely programmable controllers supplied for controlling HVAC systems as part of control boards assembled by us;
  • Developing applications (for monitoring and control) for central management systems of HVAC equipment.

Assembling of control boards

  • Mounting and assembling control boards for HVAC equipment;
  • Testing and verifying the algorithms of control boards before shipment to the customer.

Ordering and supplying of materials for assembling control boards and automation systems

  • Procuring materials for installing automation systems in the office and on site.

Support services

  • Service support of the HVAC controller and central management system software developed and supplied to the project site;
  • Participation jointly with the engineers of the maintenance department in on-site commissioning.

Services of the Maintenance Department  

Acceptance and transfer of the equipment on site

  • Checking the equipment condition and delivery completeness.

Equipment installation

  • Supervising and guiding equipment installation.

Commissioning and startup

  • Inspecting and testing the system, adjusting the equipment to meet the preset parameters.

Servicing during the warranty and post-warranty period

  • Technical support and consultancies;
  • Supply and replacement of spare parts;
  • Servicing of the equipment.

Training workshops for service engineers

  • Overview of Swegon ventilation equipment by product group;
  • Warranty servicing schedule;
  • Hands-on training using simulators;
  • Overview of remote access systems developed by Swegon.


  • Verifying previously developed design solutions using  numerical analysis and dynamic results visualization.

Aerodynamic calculation of ventilation systems

  • Determining pressure losses in all system elements, from the ventilation plant to the air diffuser grid.
We offer high-quality ventilation units, as well as develop and implement energy-efficient technical solutions

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