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PM Vent Service Centre

The installation and operation of high-quality  ventilation equipment requires proper professional servicing. PM Vent’s Service Centre opened since 1999 offers a wide range of services across Russia:

  1. Acceptance and transfer of equipment on the project site
  • Inspection of equipment condition and delivery completeness
  1. Installation work
  • Supervision and technical guidance of the equipment installation process
  1. Commissioning and startup works
  • Inspection and testing of the system, adjustment of equipment to meet the preset parameters
  1. Servicing during and after the warranty period
  • Technical support and consulting
  • Supply and replacement of spare parts
  • Servicing of equipment
  1. Updating workshops for service engineers
  • Review of ventilation equipment by product group
  • Schedule of warranty and service maintenance
  • Training of learned skills on simulators
  • Review of remote access systems.

To submit a request for servicing please write to or post your service request as per the form below.

We offer high-quality ventilation units, as well as develop and implement energy-efficient technical solutions

If you need advice from our specialists, please contact us
8 (800) 550-61-21 (toll-free within Russia) or use the feedback form.
We work with all over Russia.

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