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PM Vent is an engineering company specialized in the development of indoor climate systems for various projects. We supply ventilation equipment, as well as act in the capacity of an independent integrator of energy-efficient technical solutions. Today PM Vent every year implements scores of ventilation systems in various purpose buildings.

The design assessment

PM Vent specialists are willing to offer a review of project’s technical solutions in the field of ventilation and air conditioning to our customers. We will conduct a review of any project offered to you by other suppliers or design and installation providers, or outdated equipment running at a facility.


In Russia

Since its inception, our company has developed and implemented about 10,000 various projects of differing complexity, scope and cost, using equipment of diverse types and performance. Each time we offer a customized solution to ensure the best use of space and taking into account its specific features.


and events

We participate in thematic exhibitions, conferences and scientific-practical seminars in order to better understand the needs of our customers and exchange experience with industry affiliations.

PM Vent on the Elbrus

Between May 1 and May 7, an employee of PM Vent, Dmitry Shchukin and some of his partners climbed the Elbrus Mountain. The total length of the route was 80 km. The top point of the climb was 5,100 m.

Swegon s a leading European manufacturer of equipment for comfortable indoor environment. In addition to equipment, the company offers end-to-end solutions for ventilation, heating and cooling, as well as related services and expert technical support. Today plants supplied by Swegon operate in Sweden. Finland, Italy, India, North America, Germany, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. The group’s head office is located in Gothenburg, with offices opened in over 40 countries.



Swegon Solutions is a set of end-to-end energy-saving technical solutions developed by Swegon AB (Sweden) taking into account the specificity of each building. The use of Swegon Solutions based on single-manufacturer equipment helps minimize the design process time and costs, guarantee the quality and accuracy of supply, simplify the installation process, thus ensuring timely completion of projects.


Hotel Solution


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Home Solution

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