Home Solution

Home Solution

The air in city flats, especially in downtown and industrial areas, is often gassy and saturated with dust particles. To address the problem mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation systems are used, which supply cleaned fresh air to the flats and remove the extract air. For the ventilation of flats, Swegon AB has developed compact and low-noise heat recovery air handling units – the Casa and Compact line. Additional comfort is ensured through the use of a low air flow rate to eliminate drafts.

The benefits of Home Solution include:

  • Electricity savings
  • Air humidity balance
  • Silence and comfort

Swegon AB has manufactured over 500,000 ventilation units that provide fresh and healthy air to millions of people every day. Home Solution units are tested both at high-tech laboratories and in harsh weather conditions of Scandinavia, which makes it possible for Swegon to guarantee a high energy efficiency of its systems and a healthy indoor climate.


We offer high-quality ventilation units, as well as develop and implement energy-efficient technical solutions

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