Retail Solution

Retail Solution

Shopping centres, industrial and warehousing areas need a space with large air volumes to be handled. It essential to provide such buildings with a comfortable draught-free indoor climate, as well as  high-performance ventilation systems that do not require high energy costs, and all of these special features are accommodated in the off-the-shelf Retail Solution.


Requirements for ventilation in front stores

Today both niche stores and multi product shopping centres occupy increasingly more space and attract growing numbers of customers. A modern air conditioning and ventilation system helps provide comfort, as well as significantly reduce the costs of heating and cooling the space and supplying clean intake air to the front stores.

The layout of modern stores implies the use of large open spaces without internal partitions. The trajectory of air movement is important for the operation of ventilation systems. With the help of special design air diffusers, fresh air of the required temperature is supplied to the areas crowded with customers.

The checkout area is one of the largest waiting areas where customers and personnel are concentrated and their movement is constrained. A comfortable stay here is more important than in other store areas.

The air that provides comfort in the checkout area moves to the middle and end of the front store and delivers warmth or coolness, depending on the season.


Swegon Retail Solution for front stores


Swegon Retail Solution is an integrated energy-efficient solution for ventilation, air heating and cooling systems. Cost-effectiveness is ensured through the efficient use of equipment, demand-controlled operation of ventilation systems, as well as by supplying fresh air directly to the work area. This solution is much more effective than the standard one, when air conditioning and supply are set to a constant volume, since the number of front store customers changes considerably  depending on the time of the day, day of the week and time of the year.

In shops and front stores, up to 70% of air is spent on heating or cooling the premises. The air to be heated is the most expensive in terms of energy costs, as it must be handled by using the heat from the system to change the temperature.

The Swegon Retail Solution uses a GOLD RX HC ventilation unit equipped with a reversible frequency-controlled heat pump that heats and cools the air, which frequently eliminates the need for central or self-contained heating.

Swegon GOLD is a ready-to-use unit with a built-in automatic control system for comfortable ventilation. It is equipped with a RECOsorptic rotor for heat and cold recovery. The unit’s automatic controls also monitor the level of humidity in winter, which is important for stores.  Swegon GOLD has a wide range of sizes from 500 to 50,000 cub m/h.

The amount and temperature of supplied air are set by automatic controls that acquire data from temperature and humidity sensors. At different periods of time, the operating modes of the ventilation system change as required: during peak hours, the air exchange rate increases, and during periods of low activity, the equipment operates in the economy mode.

The warehouses can be supplied with exhaust air from the front store using overflow ventilation grills. The backstore temperature should be maintained at + 14°C or higher levels.

Advantages of the Swegon solution for front stores

The adoption of a Swegon system will enable the owner of retail space to reduce  investment in construction, cut operating and maintenance costs, ensure correct and harmonious operation of the building’s HVAC system, reduce the size of the ventilation chamber or do without it.

Comfort for the customers

Modern energy-efficient solutions from Swegon provide shopping centres with ventilation systems that create a maximum comfort experience for the customers.

Convenience for the employees

A constant influx of fresh, softly dissipated air free of draughts will create comfortable conditions in the workplaces, which has a beneficial effect on labor productivity. Automatic controls with communication via the display will enable you to configure the required indoor climate conditions for each functional area.


The efficiency of the used  heat and cold recovery equipment is up to 85% at the equal airflow rate. In Russian climate, the Swegon equipment ensures significant savings on electricity and pays back much faster than similar systems from other manufacturers. Subject to the operating conditions, the Swegon equipment has a service life of at least 20 years.


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