Camfil Group  is a leading developer and manufacturer of air purification solutions.

Camfil supplies commercial and industrial air pollution cleaning and control systems that ensure enhanced performance of the workers and equipment, minimize the use of electricity, and have a positive impact on human health and the quality of environment.

Camfil renders technical support to customers and partners from various industries around the world and will help you protect the people, processes and environment.

No matter how challenging your air purification tasks are, Camfil will offer special air treatment solutions to meet your unique needs.

Camfil air filters can be the size of a matchbox or a shipping container. But, regardless of the filter size, the result of their work is air free of harmful contaminants such as dust, dirt, allergens, gases, and, in some cases, even life-threatening radiation.


Camfil offers energy-efficient filters for public and commercial buildings, which improve indoor air quality while allowing building owners to reduce energy consumption and hazardous emissions.

For urban environments with polluted air, Camfil offers ePM1 class filters in accordance with the new ISO 16890 standard and City series molecular filters, which ensure the purification of air from both particles and molecular pollutants.

Founded: 1963

Head Office: Stockholm, Sweden

Number of plants: 33

Number of R&D centers: 6

Number of employees: 4,800

President & CEO: Mark Simmons

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8 (800) 550-61-21 (toll-free within Russia) or use the feedback form.
We work with all over Russia.

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