VSM® automation systemSoftware and hardware package


VSM® (Versatile System Management) is a Russian-made automation system intended for managing utility equipment.

The VSM® system is mounted a single-board  computer with preinstalled software. 

Composition of the VSM® automation system 

VSM® software

VSM® software programs were designed by our team of specialists based on their long-standing practical experience in the development and operation of various utility systems.  

At present were offer software programs developed, tested and ready for use on the following utility equipment:

  • Ventilation units;
  • Compressor condensing units;
  • Pump stations with a customized number of pumps;
  • Chillers with a customized number of screw or scroll compressor circuits;
  • Precision air conditioners;
  • Ventilation systems with multiple zone and indoor air control dampers for demand controlled ventilation;
  • Domestic heating plants.

The functionalities of existing automation systems as well as the line of software products for new equipment are being expanded on a regular basis. Based on the customer’s terms of reference, the software can be easily customized for any type of utility equipment.


Advantages of the VSM® software:

  • Developed in Russia: independence from the availability of imported licenses and software;
  • Simple to install for the end user: buy and use (plug-and-play technology);
  • Security: use of integrated approach to protecting data security and ensuring uninterrupted process flow;
  • Quality guarantee: multi-year experience in successful operation on various sites;
  • Security of investments: interchangeable control and measuring instruments, no additional programming required;
  • Enhancement: continuous improvements aimed at expanding system functionalities and product customization for various types of utility equipment;
  • Reliability: all software products registered by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent);
  • Easy to use: easy integration of VSM® automation systems into the general building management system (BMS).

About the SCOM VSM® automated management system

VSM® industrial computer

The single-board industrial computer developed by our company features a high computing capacity, which helps solve complex technical problems related to utility systems, industrial and domestic equipment.  

The VSM® computer is fitted with necessary connectors and interfaces for connecting sensors and add-on units to ensure data exchange with peripheral equipment. An optional Wi-Fi module can be connected to the computer.


Advantages of the VSM® industrial computer:

  • Made in Russia;
  • High computing capacity;
  • Versatility: compatible with various utility systems;
  • Scalability: easy to connect with extension units;
  • Nonvolatile memory: data restored as soon as power supply is restored after emergency outing.

VSM® control panel

We manufacture VSM® control panels of two types:

  • physical, and
  • virtual.

The VSM® physical control panel is a single-board industrial computer fitted with a touch-screen display, preinstalled software, and graphic interface. The panel is intended for configuring the equipment, displaying and entering the data, as well as for updating the software. The same control panel can be connected to units of different types.  

The VSM® virtual control panel is a software program which is an exact copy of the interface and functionalities of the physical control panel, and is installed on the computer, laptop or tablet.

The physical control panel should be used next to the unit while the virtual control panel can be operated at a distance from the unit. Several virtual control panels can be connected to the same unit.


Advantages of the VSM® control panel:

  • Convenient and simple: due to its intuitive user interface, the panel allows configuring the equipment within a few minutes and view the key parameters of the system on the diagram;
  • Security: three access levels are used to differentiate user rights: User, Service, and Administrator;
  • Versatility: the interface is determined by the software of the VSM® automation system;
  • Enhanced protection: vandal-proof design of the panel.

Ready-to-use solutions offered by the VSM® automation system

The VSM® automation system can be used to operate equipment with different functionalities. To learn more details about the system functions, choose the unit and component that you are interested in.

Precision<br>air conditioners
Room and<br>zone products
air conditioners
Room and
zone products
VSM automatics
VSM automatics
  • Air supply unit
  • Air exhaust unit
  • Air supply and exhaust unit with recovery
  • Air supply and exhaust unit with recirculation
  • Units with redundant fans
  • Water/glycol heater
  • Electric heater
  • Gas heater
  • Water/glycol
  • Freon
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
  • Rotary heat exchanger
  • Plate heat exchanger
  • Coil (glycol) heat exchanger
  • Steam humidifier
  • Adiabatic humidifier
  • Main filter
  • Coarse pre-filter
  • Fine post-filter
Built-in heat pump/built-in chiller
Built-in heat pump/built-in chiller
  • Reversible heat pump
  • Chiller
Startup sequence
Temperature control of:
Control mode:
Basic settings
Air handling unit
Manual control
Primary cooling
ReCO2 recirculation
Easy mode
Optional cold
Time and timers
Inputs and outputs
Expansion blocks
Energy monitoring
  • Display of key parameters in the diagram

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