PM Vent Dealers’ Conference

PM Vent Dealers’ Conference

On June 2-3, the Igora Resort, one of the best hospitality projects in Russia located in the vicinity of St. Petersburg, hosted the 16th conference of PM Vent dealers.

It was attended by over 150 partners of our company from different regions in Russia.

Given the epidemiological situation worldwide, the management and specialists of Swegon took part in the conference online. Presentations were made by:

  • Andreas Örje  Wellstam, CEO of Swegon (Sweden)
  • Tony Pettersson, Director International Sales, International Division, Swegon (Sweden)
  • Mikhail Savchenko, Regional Manager, International Sales Division , Swegon (Sweden)
  • Ulf Hörman, Business Development Director, AHU Division, Sweden
  • Pier Antonio Carraro, Sales and Development Director, Commercial Ventilation, Swegon (Italy)
  • Anton Radovsky, Regional Manager, International Sales Division, Swegon (Sweden).

The officials of Swegon told the guests about the prospects for the development of climate equipment, provided an overview of new products, and also shared European experience in the implementation of projects using Swegon equipment.

The conference was also attended by a partner of PM Vent, Martin Bismarck, Market Manager of Sauter Building Control International GmbH (Switzerland), which develops and manufactures components for automatic control and BMS (building management systems). In his presentation, Martin spoke about new automatic control systems, indoor climate control, and newly released equipment.

There was a special focus on the systems developed by PM Vent: VSM® and SCOM VSM® systems. Our company employees spoke about projects implemented by PM Vent in various cities of Russia, SILVER C VSM ventilation units, as well as the components used to develop indoor climate systems.

The company's partners also shared their experience. The list of business program participants included:

  • Alexey Avdeev, CEO, Alfavent LLC, St. Petersburg
  • Maxim Khokhlov, CEO, NMP Project LLC, Moscow
  • Maxim Grebenkin, Director, European Engineering Bureau, Cheboksary
  • Maxim Khomich, Managing Partner, Homich Group, Moscow
  • Sergey Ruchkin, CEO, Center for Engineering Systems LLC, Moscow
  • Alexey Konnov, Director, Engineering Bureau 21, Moscow.

Conference guests competed in kart racing in the Igora Drive autodrome, a new world-class facility, and also visited the Museum of Automobiles that displays a unique collection of vintage cars, and a multimedia exhibition, and took part in a virtual race simulator round.

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