SauterBuilding Management Systems

Modern BMS Sauter systems are based on WEB-technologies, which helps be abreast of time, use protocols such as BACnet and MQTT, and as little as possible depend on the installed operating system.

There are three basic solutions for building visualization and management. Depending on your budget and technical requirements, you can choose:

  • The option with WEB-interface integrated with the controller. This solution is suitable for small systems.
  • The second option requires a WS500 visualization controller to which any BACnet IP equipment can be connected. The maximum capacity of this solution is 2,500 data points.
  • The flagship of BMS systems is the SAUTER Vision Center (SVC). SVC is suitable both for large single buildings and entire parks of buildings or distributed premises.

The applications include office centres, business parks, educational institutions and industrial campuses, airports, railway stations, hospitals or international branch networks. The modular design allows to increment the software to fully meet the customer's requirements for each installation. Hence, the SVC gathers all the data for the entire building and energy management and makes them available to the user from anywhere at any time.

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